Sunday, November 8, 2009

German Magazine Scans

Scans of German Tabloids

Credit to littlemonalisa at Pattinsonlife


- KStew broke up with Rob; no wait Rob broke up with KStew
- Rob jealous of Taylor - losing the teen hearthrob image to Taylor
- Upcoming Promo Tour - three have to get along
- Introduction of the new Twilight Stars


- Jamie Intoxication 'He's hot!'
- Jamie enjoys the attention other than Rob
- 'Rob doesn't like it when they wait for him or try to touch him' says friend
- Rob ' I am happy if I don't have to be the Super Star all the time'



Depressions, alcohol problems, lovesickness - Rob & Kristen wanna quit the vampire Saga
- 'Robs life is a nightmare.' says friend 'he's spending a lot of time in bars drinking.'
- Producers are afraid of losing both actors for the next movies


DD said...

I was reading that shit in store yesterday and first thought abt buying it cuz of the pics...but quickly came back to mind and didnt...the stories are worse than anything ive ever read (well maybe except for the aussie ok) and i just couldnt buy it...

Katie said...

WTF!? hte first magazine is saying that AnnaLynne is playing the role of Heidi??! I read the InTouch article and it was ridiculous.