Thursday, November 5, 2009

A bunch of New Moon stills now in UHQ!

Everything is better in UHQ - They are HUGE

Click for UHQ

Thanks to Lion And Lamb Love


Sandy said...

Great pix! But I think Catherine Hardwicke had A younger Rob in mind, when she allowed his skin to show - not be as painted as it is here. And his hair made him look younger in Twilight. Here, it looks darker, more severe, short and unappealing. I still think Rob is the best and Chris Weitz is wonderful.. but Catherine, with her woman's intuition, gave this hot vampire a sweeter look.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that now that the pics are so big, I stared at Rob's chest a lot. LOL

Alison said...

I have to disagree with you Sandy. While I think Weitz's choice to have Edward in a suit throughout the movie was an odd choice, I think he looks better in this film. I think the thinner, more transparent makeup looks better and isn't as distracting. He was a tad too pasty in Twilight. The makeup was thicker in Twilight.

Tarika said...

hey i agree with sandy completly new moon looks better becoz of a good budget but catherine was really good she not only brought out the chemistry of Edward and Bella well but made Rob look much younger in the movie I felt the same he looks older with his get up in new moon in twilight he looks like a teenage guy.Also all the vampires look artifical in new moon especially all their eyes.

Sandra said...

I have to agree wirh Tarika and Sandy.. all the vampires look different, especially theeir eyes. And Rob looked much younger in Twilight. Of course now the budget is bigger and they change some things, but his look.. well, it´s more Rob then Edward now.
I will love the film anyway, I´m sure Chris did a great job.