Monday, June 1, 2009

Vanity Fair asks: Who Is the Most Handsome Man in the World?

In March, asked readers to vote for the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, and Angelina Jolie won in a landslide. Now we want to know who you think deserves the title of Most Handsome Man! Is it the bedroom-eyed vampire, the strapping polo player, the July 2009 Vanity Fair cover star (we’ve got more pictures of him right here), or Angelina’s other half? Flip through our swoon-worthy slide show and then take your pick.

View Vanity Fair's slide show here and then vote for Rob.


bbonin said...

Just voted for Rob on VF, so far he has the highest score than all!! HAHA!

a.houseknecht said...

This is a beautiful photo of both of them!