Monday, June 15, 2009

Remember Me - Day One

Set Pictures

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Video of Rob on Set

Detais of the set

Around 8:30am today, Robert Pattinson, the outrageously attractive star of the Twilight series of films, began shooting his new film Remember Me in downtown Manhattan. And all under the loving gaze of a platoon of photographers and dozens of adoring female fans from nearby New York University.

Before the throng of admirers showed up, Robert, dressed in a flannel shirt over a cotton white tee, jeans, black sneakers and carrying a black backpack, Rob ate breakfast outside with some of the cast during morning walkthroughs. "He was breakdancing and joking around," one R-Patts spotter tells OK!. "When lots of people did show up, Rob tried to act unfazed, standing behind some extras and laughing with his male co-stars and a few extras."

The sheer number of looky-loos has made shooting the film difficult for the small crew. "The PAs [Production Assistants] are having trouble moving people out of the shot," one source explains to OK!.

In the scene being shot this morning, Rob walks with a male friend around the corner of a building talking while carrying a coffee and chewing on a straw, which he had been doing during most of the morning.

Despite the off and on rain, filming continued and is expected to go on into the night. Luckily for all involved, the shooting is expected to move indoors later today.

"I knew Robert was doing a movie in the city from a magazine that I read," Alexa Davis, 13, tells OK!. "I've seen Twilight like 12 times. I looked online on his fan website and saw that someone saw permits around here so I came by. I've taken a little over hundred pictures today in two hours. My battery is almost dead!"

"I came all the way from Las Vegas for this!" said 26-year-old Patricia Galas. "I've been here since Friday and I leave tomorrow. I like his hair and his music. I really just want to ask him when he's playing next so I can see him live. I've read all the books."

"We were two feet away at one point but we froze because we were so excited and we couldn't take a picture," says Inna Maryasina, 14, who came out with her three friends.

"I really like his glasses," says Shirley Choicer, 15. "He's hot! He seems like a really nice person. If we get to see him I hope to get a picture."


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bbonin said...

Finally few recent pics of Rob!! He looks good today! :D Wishing I was in NYC...not Rochester.