Friday, May 8, 2009

Mtv's Kurt Loder reviews 'Little Ashes'

'Little Ashes': Tortured Artist
Robert Pattinson trapped in strange new movie.

Some months before he began filming "Twilight," the movie that would ignite his career, Robert Pattinson shot a low-budget art-house film in Spain called "Little Ashes." "Twilight" was released last November; now comes the earlier picture. We can only imagine how Pattinson must feel about this.

Read the whole review with more pictures and video @ the source.


Anonymous said...

i did not know you guys still kept this site so up to date!! i need to come on here more often.. there are some lulzy tabloid stories i haven't seen before! <3

michelle said...

omg girl i miss you! :'D yeah mandy convinced me to open it back up and now she's a HUGE help on it. :D

Anonymous said...

wow, i can see that.. thanks for all your hard work, girls! <33