Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rob on the Today Show

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katy said...

Rob, looking, oh SOOOOOO very very handsome.

Stupid interviewer, saying that it must be annoying to him being asked personal questions, and 1 minute later she's making one...but Rob handled that perfectly well, so did Kristen yesterday.

Why ask that, when it is OBVIOUS that they are together.

Unknown said...

Kristen walking out of the interview isn't exactly what I would call "handled perfectly". Also saying that her fans can keep on watching the movie that they think their lives are and to keep them guessing, is like a slap in her fans faces. No wonder less and less people like her. Best example: only 18 people were waiting for her at the today show and afterwards fans of her complained (after waiting for up to 9 hours in the cold) that she only went to one fan and then left.

Anyway, since for me it's more than obvious that they're not together, an actual answer would have been interesting. But the movie isn't out yet, promo isn't done yet, so let's keep the old game of "are they, aren't they" going a little while longer.
The mystery keeps people talking about it after all.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

There we go again. It seems that they both enjoy being hounded by media and papparazi. A simple "yes" would suffice. Move on, guys. Laarni

RC said...
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RC said...

Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something in another reality when I read something that never actually happened but someone believes it so much that they wish it into existence just to find another reason to hate someone.

Kristen did not walk out of her interview all you had to do was watch the interview to see that. Her keep'em guessing comment was completely sarcastic & everyone, well almost everyone could see that. The interviewer said the fans want to know which she thought Kristen would fall for. Kristen knew who really wanted her to answer the question it's sweeps time on these shows they are trying to get scoop by using the fans as bait. That is why Rob said "Is it in your contract" to ask that question.

Nope not together at all. LOL nope sighs.. If you don't believe they are together by now, nothing they ever say out loud will change your mind unless they say what it is you want to hear. They have already said (both of them) they aren't going to answer the question ever & that was 4yrs ago & people are still asking.

Anyway Rob looked amazing! They are really killing it on these promo tours. We were introduced to Bear & Bernie officially yesterday! How cute was that pic?!!

RC said...

Even if they answered the question a million times the paparazzi would still be there in force, people that don't believe they are together would still believe they aren't together.

The leeches following them around aren't waiting for the obvious answer to that question that's already answered. Their pics sale thats why they can't even stand in their yard without being photographed.

fanny said...

I think that some people just don't get it. They're promoting a movie. They don't go to these shows to answer these totally intrusive questions. They don't owe anybody ANYTHING. It's about time some so-called fans understand that. Whoever asks such a blatantly rude question as this one is going to end up getting something as Rob's answer today or Kristen's yesterday.
However, it's painfully clear that if you ask being respectful, they end up sharing lots of things. You can find tons of examples in this promo. So stop living in delusional-land and see things as they're.

RC said...

Fanny! <3333

You can tell how much Rob or Kristen respect the interviewers by how much they reveal to them.

fanny said...

@RC It's just so obvious LOL

Angie said...

I heard on the East Coast or somewhere...the show cut to commercial as soon and Kristen commented. So people may have thought she stopped the interview...but I saw it on the West Coast and she stayed till the end. Just Sayin'