Friday, November 2, 2012

Rob, Kristen and Taylor Interview with ET

ETA2: Added a couple more pictures at the bottom of the post

Moving the post to the top because more of the interview was added.

ETA: Even more from the ET interview - what was shown on air on Nov 2nd - Youtube or watch at the source

More from the ET interview - what was shown on air on Nov 1st (Youtube or watch at the source: 1 and 2)



Pictures: 1 | 2/Via 3 | Youtube - full interview


Amy said...

In the top clip.. What does Kristen say to Taylor?

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

It seems to me by watching this interview,and others, that Rob was too self-conscious on how he should interact with Kristen. Kristen was more natural. He should just interact with her as he was before, putting his arms around her waist or shoulder. He should just be his natural self and be comfortable around her, otherwise he is again giving the media things to speculate and wrong perception again. Just my opinion. - Laarni