Monday, November 12, 2012

Rob and Kristen Interview with RTL Radio (France)

Starts at 3:03 and then at 3:42

Rob and Kristen are asked in what state of mind they are now that it's over.
I'm not sure if I feel sad now, it was never intending to make more than one but it's weird since we've finished filming for so long and we knew we'd have to do promo for ages. It's gonna be the last premiere soon and then it's over the next day. It's a strange feeling to see my life goes by so fast like this, I really feel like I am.

Rob and Kristen are asked how they deal with all the scrutiny around their lives.
The thing about Twilight, with tabloids it was easy to compare and combine with our lives, like 'oh they love each other like Edward and Bella' it's so oversimplified and maybe it'll change, I don't know. The thing is to keep control when things get too much, you lose it and you're willing to do everything to get it back. It takes time and you have to listen to your guts, identify your priorities but it was difficult with so many people and money at stake.

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