Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' London Premiere

Pictures of Rob arriving and leaving the premiere here

HQ pictures, fan pictures and videos





Fan pictures


On the balcony

Rob's interview from the stream at 3:18

Arriving at the premiere/Waving to fans

Full video of the livestream - thanks @Only_Rob

UK Premiere. Part 1 from OnlyRcom on Vimeo.

UK Premiere. Part 2 from OnlyRcom on Vimeo.

UK Premiere. Part 3 from OnlyRcom on Vimeo.


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Cyndi R. said...

I love Kristen's jumpsuit. She looks very elegant, and her hair looks beautiful too. What a handsome pair they make, Taylor is also very good looking. Rob - there are just not enough words to describe how incredibly handsome he is. It is magnified by the fact that he is clueless to that fact himself - he doesn't see what the world sees. Hot hot hot!! :) Thanks for the posts RPLife! I'd be lost without you!!

Joan said...

Thank God Taylor is there to eloquently thank the fans. lol Rob freaks out every time they put a microphone in front of him.

Unknown said...

Is This blog of the person who supposedly accompanies Rob ?

noirblanc said...

I think its unavoidable cuz these ppl included in rob's life as the blog title per se. I don't mind,,, so we know who's on rob life, coworker, etc etc

Iluvthemovies said...

@Joan ita with you on Rob and his speaking skills. I think he is very handsome, he can be quirky and obscure, but sometimes I want to shake him and tell him just say thank you and move on. I thought that Rob and Kristen made a lovely pair and Taylor always very generous to the fans. I was glad to see Jaime there as well at the premiere. Thank you RPL for the all the lovely pics and vids.