Friday, June 1, 2012

New Rob Interview with Empire Magazine

I've made an iPad scan and since it's a short article, added a transcript too.

Introducing Robert Pattinson: Serious Actor

Some double acts just make sense. Morecambe & Wise. Cameron & Clegg. Cronenberg & Pattinson...

That's right, the 26 year-old Twilight hunk teams up with the master of cerebral cinema for this month's Cannes favourite, Cosmopolis, a gritty drama in which the actor gives a performance most people, including myself, didn't know he had in him.

"That's my biggest problem, confidence," laughs Pattinson. "I'm taking baby steps, and hoping people will keep employing me!"

Cosmopolis is the latest in Pattinson's non-Twilight career, which has seen the likes of Water For Elephants but never Generic Robot Blockbuster IV. "If there is a way to maintain a career doing small, interesting movies, I would take that option" he says. "I'm not buff enough for robot movies."

With Twilight about to bow out, he may be ready to leave R-Pattz ("My mum calls me that occasionally") behind, along with the screaming teens. "I can't see tons of people watching Cosmopolis and screaming at it," he laughs.

"It' would be amazing if they did!"

Cosmopolis is out on June 15.

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