Friday, June 1, 2012

More from Rob's Cosmopolis On Set Interview (Dubbed)

There are some new parts of Rob and Cronenberg on-set interviews, but they're dubbed. You can try to listen

ETA: Translation added. Thanks to @london_robsten

Rob: I was interested in the script because it looked like a long and mysterious poem. Usually when you read a script you suddenly get what it’s about, where it’s going and how it will end.

Rob: This time was different because the more I kept reading it the more I didn’t seem to understand where it was going but more I wanted to be in the movie. That movie doesn’t belong to any genre it’s on its own.

Rob: It was hard to interpret a character who doesn’t go trough an evident evolution or follow a predictable path, I mean it does but it’s an incredible evolution that doesn’t happen in the same in which the characters usually change. David was able to control the whole thing I’ve never worked with a director that has such control over his movie and consider himself the head of every aspects of it

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