Thursday, June 7, 2012

David Cronenberg Talks About Rob and 'Cosmopolis' With CBCRadio

Jokes about suffering from separation anxiety because he's not with Rob anymore, talks about casting Rob, Cannes and more.

Click on the picture to listen or on the player below (under the cut - autoplay). Starts at 2:25


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Iluvthemovies said...

Great interview. I particularly enjoyed the segment about Rob's acting and how when he does not overthink it, he is at his best. I truly believe that. I can always watch Rob in a film, because really, I can;t look away with a face like that. However, at times he has had a vacant look or like he was almost trying to think of what to say in a scene, but when he is not overthinking a scene, he loses that inhibition, he is so fantastic, his facial and eye expressions come alive. He is purest when he is not overthinking it. I hope he takes David's advice to heart, because the clips I have seen so far, I have had tears in my eyes seeing how good of a performer he is in those clips. Thank you David, for giving him that advice. From a master of independent film, I am certain he will take that advice into his future projects, and I am eager to support and watch all his films.