Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rob on the cover of Premiere (France)

We were asked to remove the scans and translation of the interview. The issue will be on stands this Saturday

Translation thanks to Sonia

Star of Cosmopolis, the new movie by David Cronenberg, in competition at Cannes, RP was a willing participant to a crazy photoshoot that lasted 13 hours! Find out more in the May issue.

In general, when you organize a photoshoot with an actor, whose movies made more than 2.7 billion of dollars all over the world, you except someone cold and shy, someone with a controled image and with a safeguard. Everything is timed to the last minute, especially if the actor arrives late, everything has to be started over again. I say 'in general' because all of this doesn't apply to Robert Pattinson!

It's at the end of our interview that the actor comes up with the idea of a photoshoot dedicated to David Cronenberg's movies. Like an hommage to his respect for the filmmaker, who by casting him in Cosmopolis, offered him not only a passport for after Twilight but aslo the opportunity to come and celebrate his entry to the adulte age, on the steps of Cannes on May 25th.

To say that he got involved in the making of the photoshoot is an euphemism. The first images of Scanners and Videodrome we prepared for him as an inspiration for the future snapshots came back to us with an unexepected commentary: Rob was sorry that they weren't more daring, wanting to push all the limits with this shoot - the complete opposite of what someone in his position would have asked. Two days later, the photograph Eliot Lee Hazel and his crew - sort of strange for this kind of shoot (a special effect makeup artist, a pregnant lady ...) - met in a glummy hotel in downtown L.A. to give the go-ahead of this shoot that lasted for exactly 13 hours.

After seeing the results of this shoot, we're ready to bet that you won't look at Robert Pattinson the same way again. That the last pretence who might still weigh on the actor will fly away as fast as they appeared.

Premiere France

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katy said...

SOOOO great to see Rob on a front cover again!!! He looks AMAZING!!! and he sounds so much more confident, than before, and that just makes me beyond happy!!

5 projects in the works! it's terrific!! Can't wait to find out about the others.

Cori said...

Wow many thanks for translating this amazing interview :) It´s unbelievable how much Rob grows over the last Years. Im very excited about his new projects!! But first of all i want to see Cosmoplis right freaking NOW !! :))

katy said...

Just read the all interview. Thanks for posting!

Fantastic read!! how I wish some would see that Rob is not only a beautiful face, that he is so much more than that. he is really fascinating person, so honest, insightful, thougtful, inteligent and talented! My love and admiration for him just keeps on growing.

and the idea of making the photoshoot with a reference to Cronenberg films, it's genius and really cool!!!

twmmy said...

Jesus, and Maria and the all saints in Heaven. I passed out. Yes, we waited such a photoshoot like this. It's funny, that the french photos way better than the last year's star photo-maker's in VF. Thanks Rob, that you are a beautiful bastard...

Iluvthemovies said...

A far more insightful interview, than any of the interviews in the past here in the states for a very long time. I love the homage to D.C. He is growing, and he laughs at how everyone loved him after the teaser, but in those few seconds you can just tell he put his all into this project and maybe because of David and the writing. I am happy he is coming into his own after Twilight, usually actors have to wait years like Leo did after Titanic, but he seems like he may make a very good transition.

Gloria B.Wilhelm said...

My first impression of Rob was that he was a deep person. For someone who didn't finish high school (not sure of this) nor went to college, he is a very talented person. He composes music and write his own lyrics, and has a nice singing voice. His taste in books is very eclectic. Our handsome boy became a handsome man. And finally this inteview showed that. Serious spur-of-the moment responses to serious questions, unlike other interviews before with almost smart-alecky responses, no matter whether the interview was asinine or mundane.

Congratulations, Rob, to Cosmopolis and your future projects. I remember writing here once, when after I read an interview about you being nervous and not sure of your future after Twilight, I said good things always come to good people. That's how nature works. Someone up there is looking after you; just don't forget the less fortunate ones.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!

Love the pictures and the fact that Rob suggested it as a homage to David C. Pretty cool.

Love the interview! I agree with other posters that he sounds so confident now. It sounds like he and David C. had a great experience working together. I hope they get to do it again someday soon.