Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Colorist Jennifer J. Tells Us How She Took Kristen & Rob Back To Their Edward & Bella ‘Roots’

When director Bill Condon recently announced Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would pop in their vampire contact lenses one more time for a few days of ‘Breaking Dawn- Part 2′ pickups, we had one vital question: how would Kristen and Rob get their hair into shape for Bella and Edward? KSN had the pleasure of chatting with celebrity Colorist Jennifer J. about how she transformed both Kristen and Rob’s locks back into that of The Cullens.

Most recently, Jennifer transformed Kristen into a raven-haired beauty for ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’, so Jennifer’s first hurdle was to reverse her own work. “Going from black to brown is definitely a challenge,” Jennifer explained of the process, “especially since Kristen’s hair color was grown out so much from not coloring it since SWATH.” Jennifer said it took hours of coloring to get Bella back, “I had to darken Kristen’s natural root since she’s so light naturally and lighten her ends to match her newly darkened root.”

While it’s often just another day at the salon for someone like Kristen to alter her hair for her films, we wondered if it was as easy for a client like Rob. We asked Jennifer if there is a different mentality for a colorist when working with men. Jennifer detailed,
There are two different types of color for men. Color that looks like it’s colored and color that looks like it’s not colored. I specialize in men’s hair color because I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that can make hair color for men look great but natural. So many men have problems with their hair color looking red and brassy which reads fake on a man but I use color in a way so that it really looks untouched and more masculine.
But, Rob isn’t exactly a stranger to changing his hair color since he’s had different shades for The Saga and ‘Water for Elephants’. In fact, Rob was a good sport in the process. “Rob was happy that his hair color was grown out,” Jennifer said, “so he wanted something as temporary as possible.” While they had to stay focused on Bella’s look, Kristen also had some input in what the final product would be. “Kristen wanted something that would be healthy and shiny looking,” Jennifer described. “I used all semi-permanent colors from Wella Professionals, and they are super shiny and vibrant.”


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