Saturday, May 7, 2011

New/Old Pictures - Rob with Theo Walcott (Arsenal) + Montepulciano pics now untagged (& 2 new photos)

From Montepulciano - 2 were posted tagged, two are new

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money said...

beautiful pictures of Kristen and who are these people,?, fans?

twilightnan said...

Rob looks so Happy in pic with Arsenal Football Club and England striker Theo Woolcott..whose Girlfriend is a big fan of Twilight..Rob was thrilled to be invited to watch his fave football team Arsenal in Theo's private Box!!..and Rob and kristen pics are always wonderful to see!..Hi to the favs:)

twilightnan said...

oppss!!.sorry Theo..spelt your surname incorrectly. it should have been..Walcott!