Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another New Picture of Robert and Kristen arriving in London


Source via Pattinsonlife


Jane said...

what engagement? I need to see a ring on it before I believe that.

Jenn said...

Has anyone heard when Bel Ami is supposed to be released? Are they completely finished with the filming? I can't wait to see it, and I'm glad Rob is getting some time off with his family!

Ursula said...

Adidas must be lovin' that kind of advertising!
Not to long ago I read that the Ray Ban sunglasses Rob and Kristen (as do many other celebrities) wear saw a spike in sales since Twilight.. so I'm guessing it will the same with any other product they are seen and photographed wearing... well..we already saw it on the picture posted a few days ago of Rob and a fan.. (unless that was just a coincidence) :)

Nicole Cullen said...

Wearing the same shoes doesn't mean they're engage!weirdos