Friday, December 11, 2009

Rob in Por Ti Magazine

Our hearts are racing. We’re on the set of Eclipse, and we have a date with Rob! As soon as we hear someone say “He’s coming” we start breathing faster. He walks in wearing a black shirt and messy hair, as usual.

All of a sudden, his deep and seductive stare fixes on us, gulp! and he says: “I don’t know, it’s still very weird and amazing to be recognized everywhere and being watched, but I’m still the same guy I’ve always been” (he’s talking about the hundreds of fans waiting outside). He adds: “The other day I went to dinner with Kristen and Taylor and there were reporters taking pictures of us. It’s so weird people want to see other peopl eating, don’t you think?”. We told him is not very strange to us, since he’s a superstar now, and he added: “Now that I’m famous everything is different. I asked a fan out while I was filming a movie in Spain and even she was bored with me. I think it’s because I complained about many things about my life” this stud revealed. OMG, that girl must be hating herself right now!

“Hooking up has always been an issue for me, because girls weren’t always very interested. But now it’s harder because it’s Edward they like, I think. I definitely don’t have the same physical habilities Edward has, and I’m not as romantic as he is. If there’s something we have in common is that we’re both loners. He’s alone because he’s a vampire, and me because I’m famous”. Alone? How can that be? “I’d like to have my normal life back and find true love, but that gets harder everyday”. Don’t worry Rob, we’re sure you’ll find it.

Scans and translation via Twilight Poison


pamj said...

The photo of Rob on the cover is mesmerizing - his eyes are unbelievable!
However, the article looks like a combination of things he's said in past interviews, and doesn't seem up-to-date.

Antonia Cullen said...

I just finished reading The Hunter by kaybebaby. I totally recommend it. Beautiful ending!