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New Rob Interview with TodaTeen - Brazilian Magazine

I think the interview is new.


We are stubborn and possessive

It was in a hotel in Paris, during New Moon promotion, that Rob gave us this interview. Shy and always ready to crack a joke (but still being professional), the star doesn't give the impression that let fame go to his head. But something changed: the actor that plays the vampire that makes every girl fell in love with in two seconds needs an agent controlling everything he says in interviews. But he still talked to TodaTeen about rumors, filming, future projects and more.

It's insane outside the hotel...
Really? For some reason France always seems to respond to the movie earlier. I was surprised when I came here. But it's always nice, it's crazy. I remember the first time I stayed in this hotel, everyone that worked here would say "that never happened before" about the crowd standing outside. It's definitely an honor.

You also filmed some scenes in Italy. Was it crazy like that there?
It was nice, "warmer" that Vancouver. It was like shooting a different movie. There were about 2000 extras and most of them were fans. They weren't even being payed, just wanted to be part of the movie. There was a lot of expectation, especially when important scenes were filmed. Those days were fun.

How was it for you to work with Chris Weitz after working with Catherine?
Chris is a very nice guy. I like him a lot, since the day we met. He came on the set saying “I really liked the first movie, I like the cast. You guys understand the characters more than I do. And that’s how I want to work”. It was nice of him to say that. He was making a sequel so he didn’t want it to be any different from the first movie. Chris has this energy which is totally different from Catherine’s. She is wilder and she has this very unique way to see things. Like, the idea of falling in love with someone… it happens that way, just like that. And Chris is more rational. He understands love in different levels. Like, with love comes fear and doubt. And sometimes you can’t control your fear. And this thought was perfect for the movie he was directing.

It’s something more mature, right?
Exactly! I think everything is more complex. I think that first love is something totally inexplicable, so that’s why it was good when Catharine noticed that. You don’t have to analyze, it just happens.

You’re not as much in this movie as you were in the first one. Did it make your schedule a little less busy?
(laughs) It’s true. I wanted to change a lot of things in my acting. It was nice not to have that much pressure on me because I could change things I wanted to change when I was acting.

Like what?
Like the character’s appearance and a lot of little things regarding my acting. No one is pressuring me telling me to do this or that, and they tell me things like “you don’t have to do everything like you did in the first movie. It just have to be successful and not change much”. That’s why I had more fun filming New Moon.

You talked about your acting. How did you grow as an actor?
One of the things I never understood in Twilight was why I was still in school. When you are 108 years old, you would probably be doing anything, except high school. That fact made me confused when I was acting. But once you finally pull that off… And even in the first scenes when he's still in school it's because he wanted to be near Bella. It's an obvious reason to be there: he wants to be with her. But when Edward leaves and wanders through the world, it’s easier to me to get what he's thinking.

How are you dealing with success and rumors?
(Robert's agent stops the interview and says "he's not going to answer any personal question, thank you")
I'm lucky to always be in movie sets. You stay isolated so those things become irrelevant. If you stay busy all year, any kind of rumor won’t last long, especially when you're filming every day. Everyone knows what you're doing. And you can't go to parties because you need to wake up at 4am. I think things become more complicated when you're not filming. But the next time I won't be working will be in a year. It will take a while for rumors to affect me.

When do you start filming Breaking Dawn?
I finished Eclipse... (his agent stops the interview again and says that nothing is scheduled. The movie still didn't get the green light by the studio. Rob looks at him surprised and says "but I'm telling everyone...")

Were you surprised to see Taylor's muscles when you first arrived at the set?
He was different! I should go to the gym.

If there was a fight between Edward and Jacob, who would win?
Edward would win. At least, according to what I read on the book

What movies have you committed to in 2010?
I'm doing a movie called Bel Ami in February, which is an adaptation of a Guy de Maupassant novel. And, I hope I'm doing a Western with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman, called Unbound Captives, sometime around there as well.

Those characters are very from Edward Cullen... Do you and Edward have something in common?
We are both stubborn and possessive of some things

In the magazine they say his answer to the BD question was "I'm filming Eclipse...". I think that was a mistake, that's why I took the liberty of correcting it.

Scans and translation by brandnewluv and miazevedo on Pattinsonlife.
Credit them and Pattinsonlife if you decide to post this.

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