Monday, October 12, 2009

Rob's upcoming schedule


I just spoke with Rob’s manager Nick Frenkel’s assistant on upcoming events we’ve heard about for Rob’s schedule. Let’s break it down!

# 1 – SPIKETV Scream Awards — She stated this has not been confirmed yet as this has not been brought to her attention yet on whether or not he will or won’t attend.

# 2 – Fan Event in Japan with Chris Weitz — She stated this could very well be apart of his International “New Moon” promotional schedule, however, this too has not been finalized as of the time of our call.

# 3 – The Jonathan Ross Show — She stated that while it is likely he will be in the UK in November, she said November 13th is NOT the day he will be there. For UK fans, is the Jonathan Ross Show pre-taped? Or is it live? I asked her if the segment would be pre-taped and she said she did not know.

So, in other words, I wasn’t able to clear up too much except that his schedule is still being ironed out right now. Stay tuned to for more details as it becomes available!



Jeswah said...

I think Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is filmed on the Thursday evening before it's aired on Friday on BBC 1. I went to see Juliette Lewis play last year in london, it was a Thurs night and she was late on stage because she'd been recording the JR show that evening.

Emmylou said...

Sometimes they film it earlier in the week too - maybe to fit in with guests schedules? Think it has been as early as Tuesday before. JR normally tweets from filming / rehearsals and posts pics of himself with guests.