Monday, October 5, 2009

Rob is the sexiest man in the world accordinf to Bulgarian Glamour's Magazine

Age: 23
Status: Bachelor
Why we like him: Because it suits him to be a vampire in Twilight.

“The hysteria around my alleged sexiness doesn’t mean anything. I just know that if I don’t take advantage of it now someone else will take my place.”

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Conny said...

I must disagree with this statement! I mean, the guy is good-looking and all but I think that Alexander Skarsgard from "True Blood" is the sexiest man alive! LOL :)

Jill said...

Conny- Wrong answer! The guy from TrueBlood is ugly...but as much as I luv Rob, I would not say that he is sexiest in the world.....Sorry Robbie

Conny said...

Well then I guess we disagree and that's fine with me but apparently not for you! :)

HayleyLauren said...

I love Robert Pattinson! Hes god damn sexy!
Although i dont think the Status is correct? What ever happened to Robsten?

ღAtykahღ said...

Hahaha.. i like all the vampire guys in True Blood especially Godric..But well the most sexiest man alive is of course Robert Pattinson :D
♥ true blood, twilight and vampire diaries :D