Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One more ridiculous rumor debunked

Gossip Cop didn’t think it was possible, but one tabloid has managed to stoop even lower when it comes to ”reporting” on Robert Pattinson.

Having already gone after his co-star Kristen Stewart, Famous found so-called “friends” of the “Twilight” star to say the actor is “drinking to excess and indulging in other dangerous behavior.” ”His people are very worried and starting to think he should go to rehab,” the rag quotes a “pal” as saying. The tabloid claims Pattinson parties constantly in a luxury suite with three bars, “which are restocked every day.”

Funny how that absurd OK! magazine piece from “inside” the same suite described a completely different scene and lifestyle.

Maybe because neither magazine is doing anything beyond reckless speculation?

“He loves the dive bar Loose Moose,” a supposed “source” says, “where fights break out in the middle of the day and the nights are wild.” And how does Pattinson emerge from such a cartoonishly described saloon?

“On several occasions his clothes have been stained with puke, and his shirt was once buttoned all weird.”

His shirt was weirdly buttoned? Send him to rehab!!

We love how Famous contends the actor “has been tearing it up in Vancouver and living his celebrity lifestyle to the extreme” when the news from every outlet for months has been that the camera-shy Pattinson works hard, sees a few concerts, stays in his hotel, and is generally low key.

What we don’t love is how every tab and gossip site seems to generate new ridiculous rumors about Pattinson and his “Twilight” colleagues each week.

Gossip Cop has been speaking to people close to “Eclipse” and its stars for three months. No one has ever even hinted at Robert Pattinson drinking too much, let alone staging “a series of out-of-control benders.” We think it’s pretty shameful, even by tabloid standards, to write such nonsense with such weak “evidence.”

Source: Gossip Cop

Scans of the magazine were posted here

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Hahaha.... his shirt is ALWAYS buttoned weird ;P