Monday, October 12, 2009

First E/B picture from Eclipse

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From a special issue from People Magazine. People are saying it's the 'meadow' scene from Eclipse.

This is the picture David Slade tweeted saying it's the meadow. It looks the same place.

Thanks to t_mauricexo for the picture from People Magazine


evelyn ingrid camila said...

i just see it in full sides.
and it it´s real
i love it
i ear that it was gonna be a special about eclipse in E enterteiment.
i don´t know whent, but it is gonna to air soon.

L_sylaj said...

Are you sure its from eclipse bellas hair doesnt look like a wig

Victoria said...

exactly my thoughts it doesnt look like a wig!! dont know what to think =S

soleberlin said...

I love eclipse so much!
This made my day! love Rob!

dabby said...

i'm thingking if it is possible for summit to release a picture for eclipse without new moon being release yet?and the jacket bella was wearing is the one she used in new moon.enlighten me guys:)

meleny said...

I'm not sure about that pic, it looks from New Moon.

Raphier said...

The hairdo! They killed his trademark hairdo!