Saturday, September 5, 2009

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart ‘Hate The Paparazzi’

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart rarely get to leave their hotel room when they’re not working — and they hate it!

The couple — currently in Vancouver, Canada, filming the third Twilight movie, Eclipse — are so desperate to avoid the paparazzi when they’re not shooting scenes, they lock themselves away in their hotel suite.
“Rob and Kristen hate not being able to leave their hotel when they’re not filming,” a source said. “But they can’t stomach being photographed all the time.

“Whenever Rob tries to leave the hotel, he’s swarmed by photographers. It’s the same for Kristen. They’re fed up with it.”
The source adds that Pattinson, 23, and Stewart, 19, are keen to explore Vancouver, “but all the attention — from the fans and paparazzi — is getting a bit too much.”

Reports earlier this week said Pattinson had become a “prisoner” of the paparazzi.
“Every time anyone from the cast emerges from the hotel they’re swarmed by paparazzi,” revealed a Twilight insider.
“He’s a prisoner of the paparazzi. It’s a nightmare. He almost never leaves the hotel except to go to the set. And when he does, the crew has to go great lengths to find ways to transport him from one location to another undetected.
“Because of the paparazzi, Rob has been unable to interact with his many fans.”

And in a recent interview with a French magazine, Rob revealed that because of the media, he can never let his guard down.“I haven’t found one place in the world yet where I could disappear,” he said. “Even the most remote places I can imagine someone will ask me for a picture with them or an autograph. Honestly, I didn’t think that I would be recognized so easily.”



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halvir said...

Crazy situation. I only hope they both will get strength to cope with this till they will finish shooting Twilights and finally will get opportunity to breathe free. I bet there will appear some new stars for teens and Rob will finally get his privacy back. And TV, read books and write songs, Rob! While you are a prisoner of Edward Cullen's charm!

Pub Queen said...

Agreed HALVIR....fame has a steep price for Rob in loss of his freedom.

Anonymous said...

Of course they hate the paparazzi. Who in this world doesn't?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

is the price of being famous who persecute you and oppress you even so the paparazzi will have to be custom

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