Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grazia magazine (Italy)

The article starts with a comparison betweek Hollywood already famous 'big' sex-symbols (Johnny depp, Brad Pitt...). Big, because they're both over their forties, and Rob's perfect to take their inheritance and being Hollywoood's new sex-symbol.
The very first question is his take on success and fame. He answers that he's living a dream. "I've been acting since I wan 15 in Shakespeare theatres, so it's a lot of experience even if I'm only 23. Success came all of a sudden and I still have to get used to it. It's insane!"

Then he says that he saw a couple of girls crying at a Blockbuster event for the Twilight DVD launch.
"I was there, trying to understand what triggered that reaction. They were on the verge of tears because they were going to receive their DVD copy. Those girls were crying for a DVD!" (I can totally see his bewindered face here LOL) And he goes on saying that he remained silent trying not to get noticed.
As for the New Moon shooting, Rob states that shooting was going pretty well also because NM has a more oniric and fantastic atmosphere. "Most of my character's scenes are purely a product of Bella's imagination: there are memories but also nightmares all mixed up together. She's really scared because she thinks she's going insane. I got to shoot some pretty impressive stuff. I think this movie is going to be scarier that the first one."

Speaking of fear, he's asked about the Oscars night. And about VIP's opinions on Twilight.
"it was incredible. I think about last year when I looked at this kind of events like I'll never be a part of any of them. And now..I keep on thinking that something really bad is going to happen to me. It's bound to happen because I already exploited all myluck, so probably I'm gonna die in a few days or something."

"Robin Wright Penn told me that she and her kids loved Twilight very much. She came to me and it was really weird because it was just after her husband won the award for best actor. Surreal, indeed."

Have you and your other cast members ever compete on 'who met the most exuberant fans'?
No, I always try to keep a low profile. But often people gets deluded when they actually meet me. Their first reaction is: at first I thought you were an homeless, then I recognized you.

You are a talented guitarist and pianist, and you composed a few songs for the Twilight soundtrack. Is there any other musical project you're involved with?
"Yes, actually. I'm composing a few songs for another movie OST I'm very fond of, but I can't tell any more than this for now.

A few months ago, People magazing put you in 13th place in their 'Most sexy man' chart, and you said you were searching for a girlfriend. Has something chanced since then?
"No, not much. I'm still searching for a girlfriend. Do I really hold 13th place? I didn't even remember that anymore."

Are your friends part of the business industry too?
"I have the same lot of friends I had at school. We're all involved in music, acting or writing. Each of us will break through a step at a time. They're basically the only people I aim to please. They're inspiration for me. We're very competitive."

You said you learned a lot from the Salvador Dalì biopic, Little Ashes. Why?
"One of the main themes of the movie is the fear of being overwhelmed and overdriven by ambition, and to get too worried about your public image that you might foget who you really are. I'm very aware of this: If people talks about you - people you haven't even met - in the end you become paranoid about everything and you feel like you can't be honest or truthful. I learned that it's wrong to wear a mask. everything's so much easier and healthier living trying to be yourself. And to not being scared of what people might think of you."

Scans and translation thanks to freezing_82.

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