Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fan encounter at Rob's birthday

As i got to Vancouver i checked into my hotel. Yes, the hotel most of the cast was “supposedly” staying at. I got checked in and settled into my hotel room, and got ready for dinner. I decided to go to Glowbal because, as a Twilight fan its obvious that you know that Glowbal is Robert’s favorite restuarant in Vancouver. Where else would he want to be on his birthday? As i get my table at Glowbal, i see a familiar, sculpted, perfect face, that you see all over the media. It was Robert Pattinson walking across the restuarant, with his friend Sam Bradley. So I quickly got out of my seat, and walked over to the guy (I was the first girl that went up to him). I asked him for a picture, to which he quickly answered “sure, but can we take the picture behind the wall” (So that he wouldn’t be attacked by crazed girls), but it was to late. Many girls went up to him and he takes many pictures. I apologize to him for the crowd. He says “Oh no, its okay”. To tell you the truth, i still felt terrible. I got him to sign my book, when i took it out of my purse he said, “Oh, you came prepared”, and asked ” what’s your name.” My night couldn’t of gotten any better.

Rest of her story and pictures with the rest of the cast at the source

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