Saturday, November 28, 2015

Short New Video of LIFE With Some New Scenes

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Anonymous said...

Less than a week to go to the theaters and yet not any promotion on schedule, kind of scary, but then again like my friend said anything James Dean related is bound to get some hits. The film looks well shot, and Rob's accent sounds spot on than any other role. Can't wait

girliegirl805 said...

I'm starting to get pretty excited for this! I also wish they'd do more promo, but I'll be seeing it ASAP when I can.

He really has a knack for accents, I think.

No one special said...

Yes I agree, he definitely is good with accents.

Marilyn said...

I'm really excited about seeing this movie, they did a fantastic job with all the locations and period sets and costumes.

Rob is a master of accents, and he changes his voice as well. He's not just doing a New York accent in his tone of voice, he changes that, too. He really becomes the character he's playing, no one can ever accuse him of just playing himself over and over. He's already shown a tremendous range at such a young age.

live guest said...

The director said Rob has an instinct for the character. Can't wait to see Life. One of the RT critics said that it was eerie the way the crew had duplicated Times Square that it looked exactly like it did back then.