Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New/Old Pictures from 'Screen International Stars of Tomorrow'
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Wellington Films: Ten years ago today, we were in the photo-shoot for Screen International Stars of Tomorrow, alongside Eddie Redmayne, Robert Pattinson, David Oyelowo, Natalie Dormer, Dominic Cooper, Jamie Winstone and Tom Sturridge.

ETA: Added a new picture


Unknown said...

Aw, look at young Rob leaning against the post naturally talking to a girl. I see Eddie, Tom and don't recognize the others.

Unknown said...

WOW and look where Rob, Eddie, and Tom are today.

Margie said...

Whoever chose those actors had a very good eye. Rob is A list, Eddie has an Oscar, David Oyolowo played Martin Luther King last year, Carey Mulligan and Dominic Cooper both have good careers, and Natalie Tena and Natalie Dormer are both on Game of Thrones.

The girl Rob is talking to is probably best known for playing Hugh Grant's chief of staff in Love, Actually.

It's too bad Andrew Garfield is missing from this.