Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Pictures and Videos of Rob in Australia - Jan 17

ETA2: Added more new fan pictures of Rob from Adelaide - scroll to fan pictures
ETA: Added another video of Rob arriving in Australia - with Dean

It's The Rover time!

HQ pictures of Rob departing Melbourne airport for Adelaide after flying in from LAX.

HQ Pictures

Fan pictures

Melbourne airport

Already in Adelaide
click for the full size

Full size picture


Fan pictures: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Via Via
Pictures: Popsugar


Selina said...

So handsome!

noirblanc said...

*sigh* just my luck i'm in perth -_-" even though i work at airport. Why why why he had to transit on melbourne not Perth :((

No name said...

There he goes!! Safe travel Rob.

Meggers said...

I like how the cleaning lady does a double check and still doesn't recognize him. Haha.

Iluvthemovies said...

That smile speaks volumes. It reminds me of him arriving in Toronto for Cosmopolis. I am thrilled beyond belief that he is in Australia to film something he truly loves. So excited, I just can't hide it. I hope he has a wonderful time in Australia filming and enjoying the country. I would love to see him being interviewed again by Kyle and Jackie O, that was such a great interview and to see Rob really laughing is such a joy to behold.

RKP said...

Time to start peeling your clothes off Rob! It's 42 degrees in the shade!

He's looking happy!

twilightnan said...

What a wonderful start to my see pics of our gorgeous Rob landing safely in Australia...*Waves* @ Hi..Iluvthemovies...I'm with you about Rob and this film..he was so proud that he got the part after his audition!..I see he's got his guitar I can just imagine him in the Australian location relaxing during breaks strumming his guitar:-)

just me said...

i hope he will have a lot of fan out of this trip, not only hard-working;)

Margarita Lopez said...

RKP: "Time to start peeling your clothes off Rob! It's 42 degrees in the shade!"

Pffffffffffffffft... *tea all over the screen*.. hahahahahahahhaahaha... XD... Excuses excuses... Just say it, with me.
Rob, take something off! You can keep your ear plugs, don't blame you... But the hoodie, shirt, shoes and jeans have to go!... XD...
Too brazen?

noirblanc said...

Couldn't agree HOOOOTTTT well refer to the weather and Rob as well ;)

No one special said...

Love this site and sight.



twilightnan said...

lol!! I can't keep away second visit this morning from freezing England...I was wondering if Dean would be with him down under...Wallah!!...there he is !:)..*waves* to Holland girl, TR,Mel from Texas,lala/c,Malia, Iluvthemovies,Yaelfica,JA,Twilola,Kiri,Wendy,Carol..I'm sure everyone were thrilled to see Handsome Rob landed safely in Australia!

RKP said...

Rob you are a gorgeous man.
So sad you had a run-in with an ugly pap.

Hope you have privacy and happy times while you are here!

Iluvthemovies said...

I guess it does not matter what country you are in, papz are the same all over the world, parasites. What an a**hole. I was so happy to see him actually smiling through an airport, and then this jerk said what he said. I hope Karma kicks in soon for this low life.

NANE said...

I wish much success to you, always with that beautiful crooked smile Love

Nora said...

Hi everyone...i believe a certain someone gonna bring the rest of his stuff down under huh :-))))

Jane said...

So happy to see our man with a big smile on his face. I hope he is as excited as I am about his new movie.

vana said...

So good to see Rob smiling. He looks so handsome, so relaxed. The Rover is going to be amazing.

No one special said...

So when are the paps going to realise rob's saying nothing? The height of inappropriateness asking questions like that.

moonC said...

Hahahaha Good point! ;D

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