Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rob, Kristen and Taylor Handprint Ceremony - Megapost

HQ Pictures - Thanks to Pattinsonlife

Fan Pictures

Proud family and friend :)


Great HD videos from the Ceremony

Just their speech

Full Ceremony - will add HD later

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Jane said...

It looked like Rob did not have very much space after Taylor and Kristen. Kinda of shoved into the corner. Isn't it odd that Kristen's family would be in the 3rd row back. They should have been in front with Rob's and Taylor's parents. They all looked so cute and awestruck to be doing that.

RpatzLover84 said...

They all looked so cute...You could see how happy they were. I'm glad they have stayed humble....they all deserve this!

vivian said...

Could you put these photos in a zip file for download?