Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NEW Pictures of Rob in London (Oct 30th) - Kristen and Marcus Foster were there too

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Looks like Rob was with Kristen's bodyguard. Here pictures of her with him at the same location - same backpack

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Marcus Foster was pictured there too


The caption from the pap agency
Kristen Stewart, Oct 29, 2011: ' Twilight' stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are seen arriving separately at an apartment. Pattinson was seen arriving at the apartment on the evening of October 29. A tired-looking Stewart was spotted arriving around lunchtime on October 31 Pattinson's rep Sarah Spear visited the apartment on the evening of October 30.

Thanks to Pattinsonlife/Bigger thanks @shesgotthemoves


SynicallyMe said...

The apartment in question is Marcus Fosters. As you can see Marcus is escorting Kristen into her awaiting vehicle. Kind of strange Rob left without Kristen. In fact if it is true Kristen arrived October 31st Rob had already departed for LA.

RPL has always been one of my favorite sites, but lately it seems to be falling into the rumor pit. Since September RPL has been posting stories about Rob and Kristen being together, yet not one picture of the two together have been posted. They are always separate. I'm not trying to cause drama, I'm just saying try to post facts not rumors.

It's like the fan encounter the day Rob arrived in London in September. If she met them why did she take pictures from across the street? Also if you look closely Marcus Foster is with Kristen in those pictures, but I do not see Rob.

I appreciate RPL and the Rob newa they share, but try not to fall into that rumor mill, and hype of things we are still not sure of.

anolarisa said...

SynicallyMe go and ask doctor for help. You are sick person.

diade said...

I can see rob in different pictures but really not with kristen
He does't have a backpack like the one shows on the back side of one of the pictures with kristen

Umumumumumhumhm really sounds funny

SynicallyMe said...
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9ce9fbb0-0530-11e1-94d9-000bcdcb471e said...

Well, cynicalyou, the girl with Marcus Foster is not Kristen but his own girlfriend, so your theory is kaput (that Marcus Foster is Kristen's "english boyfriend"). If you are not sure that Rob and Kristen are together, then you are calling Kristen a liar because she admitted "it's so obvious" in her GQ interview. Of course, you want to start drama, otherwise you would have checked before writing your little diatribe.

Co-Editor said...

I, personally, don't think they are together. This rumour always is on when a Twilight movie is about to be on cinemas... pury pubicity!... after all, the 90% of the twilighters teengers want to see Bella and Edward's love in real life.