Saturday, August 8, 2009

Robert and Kristen @ Marcus Foster show last night

Doreen noticed the valet person on a walkie-talkie talking to someone at the same time an Audi was pulling up in front of Hotel Cafe. The guy on the walkie-talkie whistled for the Audi to stop. It was stopped facing south towards Sunset Blvd. The door to Hotel Cafe was on my left, I was facing north on Cahuenga and the Audi was on my right. They had to walk past me to get to the car. The next thing you know, the door opens and Stewart runs out, not knowing which way to go (And let me tell you, girl knows how to dodge the cameras). I can’t pay attention to her because within a few moments, Rob comes out and my first instinct is to ask Rob for a picture. In my head I thought it would come out like, “OMG, OMG, can I get your picture?” but all I could say was, “Rob?” and I held up my camera. He apologetically said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” and was rushed to the car by a handler. He was very polite and even more gorgeous in person!!!
How could I badger him after that? I stood where I was and shot away. All-in-all, it was a fast, furious, and perfect night.
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LA SIGHTING: Rob and Kristen just left Hotel Cafe in LA where they showed up to watch Rob's friend Marcus Foster perform.

#LAsighting: Came in same way as last nite for Bobby's show. Door by stage. Rob wearing same plaid blue shirt & NY Yankees cap from earlier.

#LAsighting: Kristen wearing grey t-shirt, jeans. Rob's Agent and Manager also there. All behind curtain behind stage.

#LAsighting: Rob and Kristen sitting on stools next to each other. If fans were aware (they were) didn't show it. No paps inside.

#LAsighting When Marcus finished set, Rob & Kristen left separately. He was picked up by his agent. Marcus outside taking pics. Love him!

#LAsighting Not sure on pics.. will post them if we get them. Good for Rob and Kristen that they got to hang w/Marcus. He's pretty amazing.

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