Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hungarian BRAVO magazine scans with English translation


Title: CELEBRITY-VILLAGE - Joe Jonas and Robert Pattinson go to have fun. They feel they're full of energy and decide to go to a festival. But are Rob and Joe really party-faces?

1st pic:
Joe Jonas: Now we're going to try everything we couldn't before.
Rob: Yeah, let's have fun!

2nd pic:
Rob: You go first. You wanted to try it!
Joe Jonas: No, no, no, elders first!

3rd pic:
The boy with the long, brown hair: Oops, we've lost the second guy today.
Joe Jonas: Uhm, I think I skip it.

4th pic:
Joe Jonas: I don't feel like doing it... I think.

5th pic:
Girls: Hi guys, are you having fun here, too? By the way, don't you have 20$ for us?
Rob: If I give you 100$ are you going to get lost?

6th pic:
Rob: Are you thinking about what I'm thinking about?
Joe: Yeah, I guess.

7th pic (one hour later...):
Joe: Now we tried everything what we couldn't!
Rob: Yeah, let's have fun!


Title: Is Kristen pregnant?
Text: The newest gossip is: Kristen's pregnant! On the cover of an American magazine there was the terrible news and the insiders know that the father is Robert Pattinson. The biggest mistake or the most shocking scandal of the year?

Scanned and translated by source


Emma613 said...

I've been out of the country(USA)for 3 weeks and did not have access to the internet.I checked the archives and read the article about Rob becomeing a primadonna...insisting on being catered too.That is a regurgitated story about every up and coming actor....Johnny Depp...Leonardo Decaprio...same story..different guy...laughable in each instants.Of course we can only hope so,lol.As for Kristen being pregnant...who did"nt see that one is inevitable that someone would say that.Stupid birth control...stupid boy no condoms...give me a break...intelligence abounds with those 2..its an insult 2 both of them to question that...f..king magizines...

Zsolt Sesztak said...

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