Monday, November 5, 2012

Pictures and Videos of Rob Arriving/Leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live

ETA: More than 100 HQ pictures added

HQ pictures, fan pictures and videos

HQ thanks to Pattinsonlife


Leaving/Signing to fans

Fan Pictures


Leaving/Signing to fan


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mamabev said...

This is what I like to see, Rob enjoying having his picture taken by his fans, not paparazzi.

Lilly said...

In the paparazzi video, a fan gives Rob a shirt. This shirt say "Kristen´s Boy" in the front. You can see him smile when he receive that. :P

Unknown said...

From the pics you can also see that he's only glanced at the back of the shirt (which said "get off my chick" and in the hurry he was probably didn't even notice that it wasn't a beastie boy shirt). He didn't even see the front. And like I said, he only glanced and had it probably forgotten the next second. Sorry, I don't want to piss on anyones parade, but giving Rob stuff is meant to be nice, but he doesn't keep it. The moment he's out of the fans view he gives it to someone of his entourage (mostly Nick or Dean) and they probably get rid of it.

Plus, how many times does Rob has to say his private life is private? Giving him a shirt like that is disrespectful and downright embarassing.

Lilly said...

Well, i didn´t give him anything. I just commented what i saw. I agree with you when you say he probably don´t keep everything that fans gave to him, BUT i believe that some things he keep and take home with him. Like the stuff some fans gave him to Bear or one yellow shirt like that one he had and lost it. I don´t think fans should stop give him things. I think if anybody want to give him something, so go ahead. i don´t consider it embarassing. But is just my opinion...

foursixteenam said...
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foursixteenam said...

I'm really a fan of this site and it's great to see one of my photos being used on here. It was great to see him in person. :)