Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kristen talks Rob and the BD wedding scene

Isn't it tiring to be forced to have bodyguards?
- No. I love my bodyguard. He's big, watch out! Ha-ha. We've become very good friends and it feels safe to have him close by, even if it's not always necessary. But for example if I'm on a big film-festival and a group of photographers gets an eye on me, and runs screaming to me, it can be kind of scary. That?s when I need someone to help me keep them on a distance.

Can't Robert protect you?
- Ha-Ha. Not in those situations. They are even more interested in Robert than they are in me!

How was Robert when you shoot the wedding scenes?
- Robert is so silly. He just wanted to tease me and laugh at me, all the time. But it couldn't be like that. He had to be serious during the shooting. But as soon cameras were off again, we just joked around again, as usual.

All scans and translation of the full interview at Robstenation

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