Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Details From The Oprah Show - Tweets

New Eclipse Posters they were handing out to the crowd outside via hardestxheart


Tweets from the Oprah taping this morning in Chicago with Rob, Kristen, Dakota and Taylor. The show will air on May 13th

From hardestxheart


last night, rob was out in naperville ~~ a suburb of chicago ~~ and went to three different houses and knocked on these girl's doors to surprise them.... IDK IDK apparently they showed this footage during the show, this is what i heard.

-Soo that was AMAZING! Rob was SO funny! Dakota fanning was also there. Wow that did not just happen.
-Rob was hilarious in the video they showed of him going to random peoples houses lol! He's like "should I just break in?"

-Oprah asked about them, Rob joked and said Kris is pregnant! LOL
-Then Kris said Rob's having the baby.
-seating, Rob, Kris. Tay. Dakota came out and Tay switched with Kris so besties could sit by each other. It's raining.
-They just let a silver volvo into the garage. Now it's sunny and hot, perfect weather for some sparkly vamps.
-All's I got to say, no wonder they can't roll down their windows! People rushed the suv's when they came out and started banging on them!

-OMG the Oprah show was sooo awesome!!! The cast were amazing! Sat front row & got to shake Rob & Taylor's hands!!! Ahhhh love them!
-He had on blue jeans & a redish kinda button down if I remember correct. Lot going on lol
-Did they mention Rob's birthday?? <~ Not during taping but before the show started.
-and what did they say about Rob's B-day??? <~just that the show is airing on his b-day
-when Oprah asked abt RK relationship,RK sitting nxt each other or not? <~Yup seated nxt to each other!
-About the Saturday night question: they all pretty much said they are usually home b/c no one calls them...hah

-Just got out of Oprah. It was awesome and funny.Waiting outside. We got a certificate to to get Bella's ring.
-Cars keep coming out and in. But Rob, Kristin, Taylor, and Dakota are doing a radio thing in the studio right now, I heard.
-Apparently he wore red t-shirt. Sorry, I was too busy looking at his grorgeous face.
-My mom's saying it was a deep red plaid

-Omg i cant even believe i saw rob taylor and kstew in the flesh. Beautiful people.
-Sad news, no pictures ): i DID lock eyes with rob tho. He smiled....... Dead.

-OMG!!! The Oprah show was awesome!! Sat front row, balled when they came out, and Rob and Taylor shook my hand!!!! I love @Twilight!!!! :-D
-Rob was wearing a brown button down w/ the sleeves rolled up, dark jeans, and black and white adidas sneakers.
-at first, Oprah, Rob, Kristen, Taylor. When Dakota came out, oprah, rob, Taylor, Kristen, Dakota.
-she flat out asked them. Rob said Kristen was actually pregnant, but then Kristen said he would be having the baby.
-they kept smiling back and forth and saying inside jokes. Honestly, they totally seem like they like each other.
-before Dakota came out, they were. Kris moved by her b/c they're good friends.
-Questions Asked: what do u do on a saturday night, do u feel typecast, why'd u take on the role, etc.
-I guess when they talked about the Twilight audition. The was other smiling and laughing throughout the interview though.
-yeah, they talked about their friendship.
-not a full clip that's all new, but u'll see new stuff interspersed b/w the old stuff.

-Ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa.....just got out of Oprah taping!everyone was HOTT!!!! *swoon* *singing* I'm in heaven! Lol
-I was less than 10ft from Rob & cast ladies! No I have no pics as cameras & phones were not allowed. I'm still on cloud 900
-Oh and there was no time for questions so no audience questions were asked.
-Sooo...Oprah did ask the ultimate question R Rob & Kristen together. Rob deflected --w/a joke. R: "Kristen is pregnant." K:"he likes to shock ppl." O:"oh..*laughs" K:"unless u want it to be u" O:"ok! I wouldn't mind!" Every1 laughed

-Just got out. Fun times. They are all so cute together! It airs May 13th!

-Just got outta Oprah. Omg. My face was on RPattz cars window when he was leaving the studio. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
-#Oprah: I was there. Robs havin Kristens baby, Taylor likes dorky girls (yes!), Taylor & Rob say they have no friends, my face + rpattz car.

-Hey Peeps just came for the Oprah Show it was great. Rob and KS looked amazing Rob so adorable KS was so nervous

-Rob kris and tay all left at the same time! different cars! got a good view of taylor! was one whndow pane seperating us!

No mention of Rob's birthday during taping


Gisel said...

May 13th, May 13th, May 13th !!!

Unknown said...

This was great! Thank you for the contributors of this website. I absolutetly love u guys....and Robert! Can't wait for May 13!......U know they're totally together......

Unknown said...

oh! and it seems like the movie will be great as well...can't wait!

Thesabstar1 said...

oh please clever people who usually put things on YouTube for the rest of us... put as much of the show as poss! even the VT of Rob going to the houses! A huge plea from all us foreigners who won't get the show!! ta

Unknown said...

You might be able to watch it on, no live but a couple of days afterwards. check it out!

Unknown said...

i cant wait for this showing.. and its also roberts birthday on may 13th...its going to be a whole day of robert festivities