Monday, March 8, 2010

Teen Hollywood Interviews Emilie - She talks about Rob and the "love scenes"

TeenHollywood: Okay, obvious question. How did you like working with "the heartthrob"?

Emilie (laughs): Is that his new name? It was great, we get along really well, had a really fun time, also just sort of shared the same amount of passion for this film and everything felt very natural and unforced. On set, we spend a lot of time beforehand and during just going through the lines and talking about the characters and maybe things we hadn’t noticed and talking and developing a relationship, and also just getting to know each other as people, so it was that comfort level too, which I think helps a lot.

On set it didn’t feel ever like we were actually reading a scene, it just felt like we were talking and I was listening to him, and observing and reacting however Ally would, so that was pretty cool and doesn’t really happen a lot.

TeenHollywood: You mentioned paparazzi and barricades. You are an established actress with plenty of fans of your own but how does it feel to be suddenly thrust into the spotlight when your leading man is one of the most popular young male stars today?

Emilie: I don’t know, in general I’m just really just excited about this film and passionate about it, so I guess whatever comes with that is good. It’s nice to be promoting something that I genuinely love.

TeenHollywood: And the love scenes.....?

Emilie: Ah, yes. Me and Zeus

TeenHollywood: There had to be screaming, fainting female fans around.

Emilie: Really, fainting? So they have to have medics at the theatres now? That’s hilarious. As I was saying before, everything with us in every way was just very natural and calm, partially obviously to do with us getting along and we worked on things and just had a very good comfort level.

But, also our director Allen (Coulter) kept everything just so together and calm and you always felt comfortable. He did an amazing job on the film, but also just an amazing job interacting with people, and talking to people and letting everyone know what’s going on, and taking that time if you wanted to talk about a scene, nothing was like, ‘Oh, no time for that,’ There was always time.

TeenHollywood: Both you and Rob were dealing with the issue of violence in this film. Coming into the project, did you feel that the lasting impression this role has left on you (is violence)?

Emilie: Well, Ally's attitude is just really not being fearful of life and no matter what’s happened you can’t change the past. Not to forget the past, but not to live in the past. And I think she learns this even more through Tyler in that respect. I think she already had the attitude of living every day to its fullest and really appreciated life and she was stepping back and realizing and loving the people around her.

So I guess that’s left an impression on me. Life these days is so go-go-go-go-go, I think a lot of us forget to stop for a second and just appreciate the people around you, your loved ones, and just life.


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