Monday, October 12, 2009

Rob in Quebec's Star Magazine


Do you know many male celebrities that manage to achieve more visibility than Brad Pitt? Robert Pattinson managed to do so last Spring by finding himself in first position on USA Today’s Celebrity Heat Index, which measures media exposure. At 23, Robert is on every magazine covers since Twilight came out,last fall. Teen People claimed he was the new Jude Law. He was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly three times and has also appeared in more serious publications such as Vanity Fair, GQ, Rolling Stones and Interview. Some say he has a relationship with Megan Fox as well as with his Twilight partner, Kristen Stewart. Hugh Jackman said that he was a “really good actor and a great guy”. What more could you ask for? A long and prolific career like Jack Nicholson is his wish.

Q & As

How do you analyze the last year?

It’s completely surreal, I was an unknown actor when I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Everything has changed in the last 12 months! I haven’t been able to pass a single night at home since last fall. I go from one hotel room to the other, frequently changing cities and countries, according to production or promotional needs of Twilight.

What do you think of your idol status?

I think people confuse my vampire persona, Edward, with me. I’m far from being as sexy as him! (laughs). But I like the compliments I receive, even though I never know what to answer because it embarrasses me.

What has success changed for you?

I can’t move around as freely and I can’t go around alone anymore when I go somewhere where I can be recognized… But I sometimes manage to get by incognito. Honestly, I can’t complain. I’ll be busy for the next two years.

Do you like to be rich and famous?

What I like about my recent fame is that it allows me to develop projects that I care about. For example, I’ll be in Bel Ami, an adaptation of Guy de Maupassant’s book. I’ll play a young man who manipulates powerful people to gain power and I’ll wear period costumes in Paris.

What do you hate the most about your new life style?

Nobody has a manual on how to deal with the type of fame that came down on me by chance. I often find myself in crowds… I need bodyguards to escort me. It’s incredible! But I’d rather laugh about it, because I know I’m lucky. My goal is to last in this business. I have to work hard, because the current craze will fade. What matters to me, is that I’m able to accomplish myself in my personal life and my career.

Do you have musical projects?

Not for the moment. By spending long months in LA, I realized that many young actors want to be singers and musicians. It’s a cliché I’d rather avoid. I love Van Morrison and I have a great time when I play music, but I keep it as a passion at the moment. Movies first!

Last questions: Are you in love?

No, and I don’t have time for a girlfriend. I jump from one plane to the next and change countries constantly. No girl would want to share her life with a guy who is permanently absent. At the moment I’m thinking about my career. Love will come later…or by surprise.

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I never have any idea how accurate these interviews are. But I really liked this, He always does seem pretty down to earth doesn't he :)